Mini Militia God Mod Apk Download [All Unlimited Mod] 2024

Mini Militia God Mod Apk, This is the only available mm mod, where you will feel yourself a king! It has two more names one is unlimited aka one is all in one mod. Because the doodle army unlimited everything mod will transform your avatar into a superhero after which no one even touches you. Only you are the one who can kill you.

Don’t you think they are using the mini militia god mod an unlimited everything mod? This mm mod is the combination of all the other mini militia mods and no one will able to kill you. Because you would have everything unlimited, be it a bomb, ammo, life or anything.

Mini Militia mega (God) Mod Download
Mini Militia mega (God) Mod Download

Immortal, Deathless, and Indestructible, That’s what you become with access to Mini Militia God Mod hack.

The developers combined all best mod into one and built the mini militia god mod. All the features of this mini militia mod apk have unlimited capacity. I am listing all the highlights below.


Features of Mini Militia God Mod APK

  • Based on the latest version of mini militia – This version is based on the newest version 4.2.8 of a mini militia.
  • Pro Pack Unlocked – Generally to get pro pack you need to pay 70INR but here you will be getting it for free. Carry dual guns anytime.
  • One Shot Kill Enabled – Your one bullet can kill your enemy. Just hit the trigger and your enemy will be dead.
  • Infinite jetpack power – We all want to fly high. Now it’s on you when you want to touch the ground. Let your opponents follow you till the sky, and in between, he/she might get dead.
  • Unlimited Health Mod Unlocked – The unlimited life feature itself is a powerful mod. Now no one can kill you.
  • Infinite Ammo and Bombs – Don’t restrict yourself with the bomb limitation. I used this feature a lot when I play with this mod. I have all types of a bomb and that too infinite.
  • CTF version – Catch the flag is now becoming the most demanding and challenging feature. After the release of CTF, mini militia game exponentially has grown. Now you can use mini militia god mod in CTF play.
  • Ultra Speed Mod (Newly Added) – Sometimes you have to see, players fly fastly, and we think it might be internet lag. Yes, it is internet lag, and the developer finds it a feature. They enabled it in all in one mod. Test yourself to explore more.
  • Multi bullet shots at once – Ever thing of 5 bullets in one shot?. If not then see this in real with the mini militia.
  • Unlimited Battle Points – Sometimes we need an extra gun, mask or anything. That needs battle points to purchase it from a store. Here you will be getting unlimited battle points to buy all items from a store.
  • New avatars added – Many new avatars and skins are added for more customization. You can now go more crazy with the avatars.
  • 7x zoom in all weapons – Well, the game included an auto-aiming feature. But if you want to play it manually, then here you can use 7x zoom feature to find your opponents quickly.
  • With many more features added on this god mod.

How to Install Mini Militia God Mod Hack?

Installing this mod is not hard work. You can do it yourself too.  Just follow the procedure and get it done. It will not take more than five mins.

Do not worry you need to follow the above steps only one time. Afterward, you can start playing the game by directly launching the game from the icon. If you still find any difficulties then comment me below. I will resolve it for sure.


Here are the steps you need to follow to install the mini militia unlimited apk:

  1. First Download mini militia god mod from here.
  1. Now install the game as like normal apk file.
  2. If your device asks for permissions to install an app outside the play store. Do not worry the mod is 100% safe and tested. To enable it to open your phone settings and find the security settings, now search for the option “Unkown Sources,” enable the option, if disabled.
  3. After the completes, install the mod and wait.
  4. Now go back to the homepage and launch the game from the mini militia icon.
  5. Done 😉

Screenshot of Mini Militia god mod

If you are one like me, who enjoy playing the games on PC rather than an Android phone. Then wait. You know you can enjoy this mod even more if you play it on your PC. Below I am going to share small steps through which you can install the same mod in your PC. DOn’t go anywhere, get right below.

How To Install Mini Militia Unlimited Hack for PC?

As I mentioned above, the unlimited hack is just an alternative name of mini militia god mod. Besides the Android version, you can also play the same mod on PC.

Now to begin with the process, you need your PC to be switched On and then follow the steps. Maybe you know the steps but this for them who do not know how to play the mini militia in PC?

As I told you only need to follow few steps and you are ready to play the mini militia god mod apk mod in your PC.

  1. In the first, download the Android emulator for PC. You can use Blue Stacks for that.
  2. Install the Blue stacks in your PC. It will take a few minutes to Install it.
  3. Till then download the god mod apk from the above download button from your Computer.
  4. After the installation of Blue Stacks, open it.
  5. Drag and drop the god mod apk in your blue stacks window, and it asks for the permissions.
  6. Proceed and install it.
  7. Open the game from “My Apps” section.
  8. Done 😀

Again, if you get any error or any issue, then please let me know in comments below. I will help you with all your queries.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last Thinking

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