5 Best Weapons in Mini Militia with Combination

Mini Militia is a very popular game and being an avid gamer for over 2 years now, I will share with you some of the best weapons of my choice. With him, I will also give some tips on how I personally use these weapons. However, this is just my personal preference and I do not intend to undermine other weapons that have not been on this list. All the weapons of the mini-militia have their good sides and their bad sides and are also effective depending on how you use them.

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So, let us get on the list of my most favorite weapons in Doodle army 2: Mini Militia.

Best Weapons in Mini Militia
Best Weapons in Mini Militia

1. Sniper


There is no doubt that it is one of the most sought-after weapons in the mini militia world. One shot kill ability and high range give sniper an edge over other weapons. It’s practically impossible to sneak attack on sniper unless there is some diversion.

Best combination

  • Sniper + Shotgun- Very effective for both long and short range
  • Sniper + Rocket launcher- Very good for long range

Some things to remember:

  1. Avoid flying around, stay on the ground and secure yourself.
  2. Stay away from players with a shield.
  3. Occupy high spot with a good view on both sides.
  4. Beware of other snipers.

Honestly, you would probably be very bad with the sniper when you are new to the game. Developing the skills of the sniper takes time and patience, keep playing and practice.

2. Shield


Another really useful weapon but underrated by many. Has the ability to protect you from all other guns expect the rocket launcher. I find many people looking for hacks to become an immortal but what they don’t realize is that the shield can make you feel like an immortal as well

Best combination:

  • Shield + Uzi
  • Shield + mines
Some tips:
  • Avoid time bombs/ mines
  • Stay away from the rocket launchers

3. Shotgun


One shooting weapon that has the ability to completely change the course of the game. A 30 bullets that are completely capable of getting 30 kills. Do not move and do not fly too much, follow your opponents. The shotgun has a very short reach that can sometimes work against you.

Best combination

  • Shotgun + Rocket launcher
  • Shotgun + Sniper
Some tips:
  • Get away from long range weapons
  • Don’t move around

4. Rocket launcher

rocket launcher

Another long-range weapon that has the ability to kill with one shot but has only 3 ammo in a clip with a long duration of reloading. Stay away from Sniper, the sniper has an advantage over his reach and his ball speed.

Best combination

Some tips:

  • Be wary of your nitro and ammo.
  • Beware of mines.

5. Machete



Mostly underrated but has the ability to kill with the single blow. Very effective for surprise attacks and close range fight,
although there won’t be any fight if one of you is carrying a machete.

Best combination

  • Machete + Shield + Nitro:Super effective
  • Machete + Shield

Some tips:

  • You are exposed to long-range weapons so don’t move around.
  • Hide. lol

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