111+ Best Legendary Mini Militia Avatar Names List 2020

Hey…  Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Pro Player.  It’s always fun to name the mini militia avatars. To be precise, those who play Doodle Army 2: mini online militia will tend to have eye-catching cool avatar names in mini militia. So here we have done this post exclusively that has a collection of the list of the most popular mini avatar militia names.

Mini Militia Avatar Names 2020

YOU – It is used to cheat co-players because it shows you killed every time you killed others.

Connecting ... – To tweak others while joining the game during the Mini Militia online game.

Eye Catcher Funny Legendary Mini Militia Avatar Names

Here’ We shared 55+  Mini Militia Avatar Names List for Doodle Army 2 Game. Let’s see your eye catch name. And Don’t Forget to share your Cool names.. I am here for you.

Captain India
Penta Army
Darth Vader
Shuter Killer

Crazy Guy

Skull Dude
Mirror Killer
Guest Killer

Big show

Hard Rocks.
Killing Machine
Cut That Crap

Knight Rider

Don’t Mess with Me.
Dead shot
Captain America


Evening Butcher
Vampire Killer

Visitor Killer
God father

Heart Breaker
Atom Bomb
Super Dude

Dead shot
Newturn Bilton
Killing Machine
Killer Kemper
Cut That Crap
Killer here
Knight Rider
The Joker
Bunker King
Doodle Hitler
Dead End
Tiger King
Sho gun
Suicide Machine
 One shot killer
Ultimate bomber
The Drinker
Skull Dude
Captain Hook
The Daemon
Count dracula
Vekkada vedi
Roman reigns
Heart hacker
bomb blaster
Jagga Daaku


Chir Dalunga
Captain America
Big show
Militia King
Hard rocks..
Serial killers
King Cobra
Super dude
Mitser India
Sniper reloaded
Reload Killer
Sny doll
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How to Edit Avatar Names in Mini Militia?

I am already shared lots of articles about customizing avatar (as Mini Militia Invisible Hack + Add Face + Background Change). After this, we shared here Mini Militia awesome name list. Let’s see here How to Edit Avatar Names in Mini Militia? To edit the avatar name and add your custom names follow the below steps…

Step 1) First Install Mini Militia apk game (Play Store Link). If already in the latest version then don’t need to do this.

Step 2) Open the game and wait for load…

Step 3) Then tap on “AVATAR/Name” (see on the top-left side)

mini Militia avatar name change 1

Step 4) And you will find the avatar name. tap on name to edit it with your eye catching custom name.

mini Militia avatar name change 2
mini Militia avatar name change 3

After that, you can leave here and it will saved for you.

Let’s watch the video:

Don’t forget… If you have other interesting avatar names for the mini militia, post a comment so that we add them to the list 🙂

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