How to get Cydia and Learn to hack Mini Militia (Beginner)

Hi, Here you know how to get Cydia and use it. Go to hacks menu above to learn to hack Mini Militia. from

Note: This page is for someone that not ever know how to hack. If you don’t know how to hack, what is Cydia. You can continue read this…

Okay. Hacking in Apple devices need a most important hacking program named Cydia.

Ok, you maybe wondering how to get it.

Follow the steps! [Note. If you get Cydia you will lose Apple care protection. You must restore to factory setting to remove the jailbreak]


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1. Introducing Cydia and Jailbreak.

Jailbreak is like hack the device to make it can be hacked. Apps and games can be hacked, you need to jailbreak (to get Cydia) first.

Jailbreak need:

  • Apple device
  • Internet
  • A computer
  • 5 mins time

So now you know it. Let’s get started.

2. Download the program to your computer

I guess your iOS version is about 6 – 6.1.1 so you can go to and download Evasi0n to your computer.

If your iOS version is less than it. Go to Google and search for the jailbreak. For example: iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak

3. Jailbreak.

  •  Open the program
  • Plug in your device
  • Click Jailbreak
  • Follow the steps
  • Finish

Now learn how to get Cydia.

4. Cydia first step: Setup for the first use

You can see Cydia. First of all. You must set it up…

  • Open Cydia
  • Wait for it to load and then your device will auto reboot.
  • Open it up again.
  • Choose that you are the Developer.
  • Learn about sources and packages in the 2nd step.


5. Cydia second step: Sources and Packages

Sources is the website that contains package in it. You must add the source to make you can download packages in that source.

Package is the tweaks or hacks or themes that provided by sources. It can make your device much better and cooler.

So first of all. You must add sources than you can see what package you want from that source.

Okay. Next step is install packages.

  • Go to search tab and search for package you want
  • Install (top right)
  • Confirm

Okay. Now you know how to get Cydia and use it. Go to hacks menu above to learn to hack Mini Militia.

If you don’t know what that package is. Read the descriptions in the package by scroll down.

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  1. is it still working on ios 9?

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