Mini militia all ranks and badges in detail! (Doodle army 2)

Here are the ranks, badges currently available in a mini militia game. Along with it, I have also added the experience point (EXP) required to achieve this rank and badges. Hopefully, this post would answer any questions regarding the topic.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia does use a kind of rank system. Higher ranks do not grant you any type of bonus (except Cash Reward) or special ability. They are just used to show your experience.

Mini militia all ranks and badges

BadgesRankLevelsCash Reward
PrivatePrivate1 & 21
Private First ClassPrivate 1st Class3 & 42
CoporalCorporal5 & 63
 Specialist7 & 84
SergeantSergeant9 & 105
Staff SergeantStaff Sergeant11 & 126
Sergeant First ClassSergeant 1st Class13 &14 
  15 & 168
Master SergeantMaster sergeant17 & 189
First Sergeant1st sergeant19 & 2010
 Command Sergeant Major21 & 2211
Sergeant MajorSergeant Major of the Army23 & 2412
 Warrant Officer25 & 2613
 Chief Warrant Officer27 & 2814
2nd Lietenant2nd Lieutenant29 & 3015
1st Lieutenant1st Lieutenant31 & 3216
CaptainCaptain33 & 3417
MajorMajor35 & 3618
Lieutenant ColonelLieutenant Colonel37 & 3819
ColonelColonel39 & 4020
Brigedier DgeneralBrigadier General41 & 4221
Major GeneralMajor General43 & 4422
Lieutenant GeneralLieutenant General45 & 4623
GeneralGeneral47 & 4824
General Of The ArmyGeneral of the Army49 & 5025
 General of the Armies51 & 5226
Chief2Commander in Chief53 & 5427
 Supreme Commander55+28

Keep playing, Keep gaining, Keep enjoying….


While playing mini militia on the web within quick play mode, I would have observed some one who always rank high. Do you really think they qualify by genuinely playing? If so, you are absolutely wrong! Because they are hacking into the mini militia game range.

And of course, there are also some of the genuine gamers that stand out due to their super cool gameplay. Or they use hack version of mini militia.


Did this answer your questions about the badges? 

Anyway, let me know in the comment if I have missed any of the badges or any mistakes I have made here, and also check out my other mini militia post!

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  1. I hacked mini militia thanks

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